Sunday, May 4, 2014

Not Keepin' Up Part 3

Why is it so hard to find the time to simply sit?! Because sitting (clarification, by "sitting" I mean no child/baby hanging on me and no noise being made around me :) ) is a luxury in my world! I simply need to just "sit" in order to keep up with documentation of precious time/years flying by me! Here's what's been going on...
Jaxon turned 9 months around Thanksgiving
On Thanksgiving morning, before heading to Yucapia to spend time with the Engebrits side of the family, but first we stopped by Grandma & Grandpa's house

The girls dressed up in Grandma's high school cheerleading outfit (which she had sewn herself, yes, I was impressed!) 
In Yucapia we met up with the Usual Suspects...the cousins
Sara (Iris' mom) made the 2013 babies sweet cousin onsies

Tyler & Lila (inseparable buddies)

The boys even got to wear their matching reindeer jammies, cuties

Our 3 blue eyed beauties!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The day after Thanksgiving our little Lila turned 6

Our initial plan was to head straight to Knott's Berry Farm, but the rain was coming down hard. We tried to see Frozen at the Theaters, but they were completely sold out, so we ended up at Chuck E Cheese with Auntie Kim, Gran

The following day we headed to Knotts and had a blast!

And the following weekend we continued celebrating Lila with a family birthday party which she shares each year with her best cousin Tyler

Christmas was upon us a short time later...
Jaxon 10 months

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year! We are so abundantly blessed all year long, but it's around Christmas each year that I truly take inventory of the Lord's work in my life~ I see His handy work in each one of my sweet little ones
The Holiday Spirit is alive and well in the Hand Home during the season of Christ's birth. We celebrate Jesus with our friends and family the entire month of December! 
Santa also loves to celebrate the birth of Christ and he never misses the Hand Kids when flying through the midnight sky on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning always seems to come around very early...with Mommy and Daddy being dragged out of bed.

Our happy, little Reindeers

Merry Christmas to All!

The New Year Arrives 
Jaxon turns 11 months
(my baby is getting so big!)

We head to Moro Bay for a family get away...always amazing

Much needed family time ensues!

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